How long is shipping time for orders?

Our normal shipping time is 2-3 weeks which includes production time and shipping time.

How much are your necklaces?

Our pricing starts at $59.99 before shipping and taxes.

Is this real gold?

The pieces are made of gold vermeil, not pure gold. Vermeil pieces are made with precious metals and heavy plating to ensure long-lasting wear. They are superior to gold-plated jewelry. Safe for sensitive skin, water-resistant and rust-free, and highly durable for everyday wear.

How long is the necklace?

We have 18" length (16" chain with a 2" extender) and 22" length (20" chain with a 2" extender) options available, so you can fine-tune the fit for a more dramatic and eye-catching statement.

Can I wear this when I'm swimming?

Our necklaces are WATERPROOF but keep in mind that these materials soak up water when immersed for too long. Taking a quick shower or washing your hands should be fine, but when taking long baths, swimming, or while washing dishes you should take your jewelry off. It goes without saying but when dealing with harsh chemicals, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or at work – you should remove them.

Can we ship to NZ, Canada, Australia?

Yes, we are able to do international Shipping.

What are Birth Flowers?

Birth flowers are symbolic of the month we're born in, and each one carries a special meaning.

What symbols do you have for Sideway Initial Necklace?

You can choose from the Cross, Heart, Star, Clover Leaf and Infinity symbol for our Sideway Initial Necklace.

Your website advertised 2-3 days timeframe for orders.

We send the order to our jewelers in around 2-3 days then our production time usually takes up 7 to 10 business days to complete. After that, we ship it off and the shipping takes up to 10 business days depending on location.

Which Currency do you use for your pricings?

All our prices online are in US dollars by default.

Make sure you change the currency option on the website as you log in.
Remember to Always check that the display price is in the currency of your choice for your ease of conversion.

Can I see a preview before I purchase?

Yes, You can always send us a personal message or email us at hello@customgoods.co to request for a preview.

Will I be charged tax?

For delivery within United States no additional tax is required.

For all other destinations overseas, you may be subjected to import taxes,

sales taxes and/or customs duties, which are collected from you once the shipment arrives at your country.

Custom Goods is unable to predict the total amount of the charges levied on the addressee due to the ever-changing nature of the rates

and the different customs policies varying from country to country.

I forgot to use my discount voucher, What can I do?

Contact us via email at hello@customgood.co or send us a personal message va facebook or instagram with your order number and we will apply the coupon discount for you.

How will I Know my order has shipped?

As soon as your order leaves our warehouse, our system automatically sends you a shipping confirmation email with your tracking link.
Click on the tracking link and you can access the real time information. Make sure you didn't miss your email address upon placing an order

Why Didn’t I Receive An E-Mail Confirmation When I Made My Order?

Make sure you have your email in the order form.
Also, Good for you for keeping your inbox safe with a tough spam filter. Though our confirmations are not spam, check there first.
If the email isn’t there, please call or email our customer service team at hello@customgoods.co
Don't forgot to add us in your safe Email List.

I Put The Wrong Shipping Address, Or Made A Mistake On My Order, Can You Change It?

If you receive an order confirmation email and notice a mistake with the order,
Contact us via email at hello@customgood.co or send us a personal message via Facebook or Instagram 

What are the care instructions for my jewelry?

Caring for Gold Vermeil

An affordable option to solid gold, our vermeil plated jewelry can last, with great care.

1. Remove while applying lotions, sunscreens, perfume, or before cleaning with harsh chemicals (including bleach).

2. Clean with warm soap and water, avoiding sterling silver cleansers.

3. Chlorine can discolor and even damage your gold vermeil pieces, so be sure to take them off before plunging into the pool or hotub.

4. Did you know all metal tarnishes! Gold vermeil will tarnish over time. You can VERY GENTLY rub a baking soda paste around and over
the jewelry to remove dark spots and restore a yellow color. I repeat: VERY GENTLY!

What are the dimensions of birthflower pendant?

Depends on your name, approx 5 - 7 cm

What are Payment Methods Available?

Paypal, Debit or Credit Card, Afterpay

Why Am I Receiving Double Charge/ Different Amount On My Credit Credit/Banking Cards?

Please ask your bank. Double charge always happens when your purchase is pending. Wait until the order clears with your bank and you’ll see you’ve only been charged once.

Make sure you checkout your order at your preferred currency to avoid difference in the amount charged
Custom goods do not have hidden charges or service fees. We received just what you paid for upon check out.

Is there a way I could get expedited shipping
to ensure I have it in time?

Yes, we can allow upgraded shipping, we can send out invoices if the order initially has regular shipping on it!

Timeframe for remake order

Around 10 business days for the remake once it has been submitted to our production staff.

How can I track my order?

Our website allows tracking right to your doorstep.
Simply use this website: https://customgoods.co/apps/tracktor/track