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About Us


Welcome to The Custom Goods Co
We believe in creating unique, completely custom artwork pieces that make a statement and can be cherished for life. Everything is handmade in the USA and completely custom and personalized just to you.
All of our art is limited edition. We like to keep regular variety to our designs and artists.
Proudly USA made
Please note: Art not available in stores or galleries. Limited Edition.

Our Values and Beliefs

1. Quality Designs that Customers Love 

Simple, minimalist designs that look beautiful in your home. We treat every customer as if they are our close friends, because to us, you are.

2. Crafted for life

We don’t make products that aren’t ready to stand the test of time. We standby our quality and guarantee our all of our products. 

3. Affordable and

We only offer the highest quality with the lowest price tag. Save on all the items you use the most and take the guesswork out of finding the best value.

Speak with the Team 24/7

CGHELP to 81493