Push Present Ideas: Celebrating New Motherhood

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A push present is a gift typically given to a woman by her partner shortly after she has given birth. Rooted in a gesture of appreciation, the push present has become a modern cultural trend, reflecting a partner's gratitude for the physical and emotional endurance involved in childbirth. These gifts can range from jewelry to electronics, with the choice often reflecting the new mother's personal tastes and the couple's budget.

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The concept has sparked discussion about its implications on parenthood and recognition of maternal efforts. Some argue that the practice materializes the childbirth experience, while others see it as a meaningful tradition that honors the milestone of becoming a parent. Regardless of differing opinions, the growing popularity of push presents has made it a notable phenomenon in discussions of contemporary parenthood.

Origin and Cultural Significance

Push presents are gifts given to a mother by her partner following the birth of their child. This practice places value on the labor and efforts of childbirth.

Historical Background

The concept of gift-giving to celebrate childbirth has roots that can be traced back several centuries in various cultures. In England during the Tudor period (1485-1603), husbands gave their wives "gossip’s bridals" gifts after childbirth. These tokens were often practical items like robes and food, but sometimes included jewelry. Similarly, in India, gold jewelry is traditionally given by family members to a woman who has just given birth.

Cultural Variations

Throughout the world, the nature and type of push presents can differ significantly.

  • United States: Jewelry, particularly personalized, is a common push present.
  • Japan: Partners may give a memory book to capture the family milestone.
  • India: Gold is a traditional gift symbolizing prosperity and good fortune.
  • Brazil: Engraved jewelry signifying the baby's birth is often exchanged.

The giving of push presents has seen increased popularity in western societies since the late 20th century, integrating into the broader narrative of celebrating parenthood.

Gift Ideas

Selecting the perfect push present is about finding a thoughtful gift that celebrates the new mother's experience and marks the occasion of childbirth. Here are some specific gift suggestions within three popular categories.

Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry is a heartfelt choice that can capture the essence of the new mother's joy. Consider a piece from the Custom Jewelry Collection that includes options for engraving names, birthdates, or birthstones. An 18k gold-plated initial necklace or customized initial bracelet with the new baby's initials can become a treasure to be worn close to her heart.

Personalized Gifts

Moving beyond jewelry, other personalized gifts can hold equal charm. Customized items like a finely bound journal or a photo frame can be inscribed with the baby’s name or birthdate. These keepsakes serve as a daily reminder of this special time and allow her to store memories that will last a lifetime.

Practical and Thoughtful Gifts

Lastly, practical gifts that provide comfort or ease the new mother’s day-to-day life are always appreciated. Luxurious items like a quality robe, a comfortable nursing pillow, or even a premium baby carrier can make her feel pampered and supported during the transition into motherhood. Consider the inclusion of a simple touch such as her favorite tea or a scented candle to add an extra layer of thoughtfulness.

Timing and Presentation

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When considering the timing and presentation of a push present, one must ensure that the moment feels personal and the presentation resonates with the recipient's tastes.

Ideal Timing to Give

The most appropriate time to give a push present is typically after the baby's birth. However, some prefer to give it shortly before the expected delivery date to provide encouragement and support. The key is to choose a moment that feels intimate, reflecting the significance of the event.

  • After Birth: In the hospital or at home, after mother and child have had time to rest and bond.
  • Before Birth: During a quiet, private moment as anticipation builds towards the delivery.

Presentation Suggestions

The presentation of a push present should be thoughtful and tailored to the recipient's preferences. Attention to detail in the presentation often enhances the emotional value of the gift.

  • Gift Wrapping: Use high-quality paper or a beautiful box to convey the value of the gift.
  • Personal Note: Include a heartfelt message expressing affection and appreciation.
  • Surprise Element: Consider surprising them with the present at an unexpected moment to make it more memorable.
  • Personal Delivery: Whenever possible, give the gift in person to witness and share the joy it brings.

Etiquette and Considerations

When considering a push present, etiquette advises thoughtfulness and an awareness of financial comfort levels for all parties involved.

Budget Constraints

  • Assessment: One should assess their financial situation and decide on a budget that won't impose undue stress.
  • Communication: It's essential for partners to communicate about budget limitations to set realistic expectations for the push present.


A woman sits at a table, a small wrapped box in front of her. She is smiling and looking excited as she opens the gift

A push present is a gift traditionally given to a birthing mother by her partner to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child. They are often treasured as symbols of appreciation for the challenges faced during pregnancy and childbirth.

These presents can vary widely, including but not limited to:

  • Jewelry: Such as rings, necklaces, or bracelets, often with gemstones.
  • Watches: Luxury timepieces are a popular choice.
  • Electronics: Gadgets like smartphones or tablets.
  • Fashion items: Designer handbags or shoes.
  • Experiences: Spa days or weekend getaways.

They do not have a strict price range and are chosen based on individual preferences and budgets. The sentiment behind the gift typically holds more value than its monetary worth. The practice is more prevalent in some cultures and countries than others, and its popularity has seen a rise with the advent of social media, where sharing such personal milestones has become more common. While some view it as a genuine expression of gratitude, others critique it as materialistic or unnecessary. The decision to give a push present often depends on the couple’s values and traditions.

Push Present Ideas: Celebrating New Motherhood